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  bridges_andy_warhol.jpg (3758 bytes) Artist: JEFF BRIDGES

Jeff Bridges did this portrait of Andy Warhol as well as a "sister piece" after shooting several black and white Polaroid pictures of the artist. Jeff regrets that he never got the opportunity to show the final painting to Warhol because of his untimely death. Along with his three Academy Award Nominations, Jeff Bridges is widely considered to be one of America's greatest actors.

  bronson.jpg (10069 bytes) Artist: CHARLES BRONSON

This dock was a favorite place where Charles Bronson and his late wife Jill Ireland used to go while on the east coast or during one of their many family trips to their horse ranch in Vermont. Mr. Bronson is a very prolific painter. At one point eighteen years ago, he and Jill opened a gallery to show and sell Charlie's works. It went so well (sold 32 paintings) that after a very short period of time, Mr. Bronson, because he is painfully private and couldn't bare to part with his art, bought back every single painting for more than they originally sold. These mixed media serigraphs are the first works of Charles Bronson ever to be offered to the public.

  billy_dee_williams.jpg (6746 bytes) Artist: BILLY DEE WILLIAMS

Long before Star Wars and Batman, Billy was painting. At fourteen he won the most prestigious Guggenheim Award which enabled him to go to the Manhattan School for the Visual and Performing Arts. Mr. Williams is an accomplished portrait artist as well as abstract painter and has over three hundred paintings in his personal collection. Though Billy has been selling his original paintings for as much as $35,000.00, this is the first reproduction of any of his works. Billy chose this painting very simply because it is his favorite. It is a very strong and masculine piece with superb painterly quality. What is so wonderful about this painting is how much use he gets out of each brush stroke. The turbans, the horses head, neck, torso, and legs are all done with a single stroke.

  tennesse_williams.jpg (6017 bytes) Artist: TENNESSEE WILLIAMS

This painting is of staggering quality for a painter of any age. Now consider that Tennessee Williams created this masterpiece at the young age of fourteen. From when he was eleven until he was seventeen he was bedridden with different ailments thus allowing him few luxuries other than to paint. This "Tropical Scene" was done where he convalesced in the Florida Keys and it was beauty like this that "kept him alive and gave him hope for all those years". Widely regarded as the greatest American playwright, Tennessee Williams is the only playwright ever to have had five plays being performed on Broadway at the same time.

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