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John Lennon's "Bag One"

Here we have an unusual item from John Lennon....his famous Bag One artwork. Bag One was a suite of lithographs by John Lennon that were given to Yoko Ono as a wedding gift in 1969.  A series of fourteen original lithographs , each was pulled on BFK Rives paper at The Bank Street Atelier, Ltd., in New York. The edition was limited to 300 examples, with each print individually signed by John Lennon and numbered 1 to 300. This exhibition caused quite a controversy as to whether these lithographs were art or pornography, and eventually the art was confiscated by Scotland Yard while on exhibit in London. John was later exonerated by the British courts, but  many of the prints were mishandled and never returned to the Lennons. These lithographs are on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and sort after by the most discriminating of art collectors.


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  lennon_original_program.jpg (34765 bytes)   original program

Original Art exhibit catalog 

Bag one was a suite of lithographs by John Lennon that were put out and exhibited by Lee Nordness Galleries, February 7 through February 28, 1970 in New York City. John Lennon's Bag One is a series of fourteen original lithographs that were given to Yoko Ono as a wedding gift to celebrate their marriage and subsequent honeymoon in Amsterdam. This is the exhibition booklet that was used to sell these lithographs and it is now, almost 35 years later, a highly sort after collectible. The book is 8 by 11 inches and contains twenty pages not including the covers. An example of all 14 lithographs, including the erotic drawings of John and Yoko on their honeymoon is are in this booklet, . This catalog is in mint condition and almost completely sold out.

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Celebrity Art is pleased to offer for sale John Lennon's Bag One lithographs. Included below are the current images we have available.
  John & Yoko
  Alphabet Page
  lennon_the_honeymoon.jpg (39178 bytes) THE HONEYMOON
  lennon_i_do.jpg (47775 bytes) I DO
  lennon_exchange_of_rings.jpg (58030 bytes) EXCHANGE OF RINGS
  lennon_bed_in_for_peace2.jpg (58793 bytes) bed in for peace

Recalls the Lennon's' appeal for world peace and love. The "Bed-In" took place at the Amsterdam Hilton in 1969, creating an instant sensation worldwide.

  lennon_erotic_1.jpg (69428 bytes) EROTIC #1
    lennon_erotic_2.jpg (60775 bytes) EROTIC #2
  lennon_erotic_3.jpg (72896 bytes) EROTIC #3
  lennon_erotic_5.jpg (36068 bytes) EROTIC #5
  lennon_erotic_7.jpg (59245 bytes) EROTIC #7
  lennon_erotic_8.jpg (39300 bytes) EROTIC #8

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